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  • What is The Voucher Network?

    The Voucher Network ( is an independent website showcasing thousands of deals, discount voucher codes, coupon codes and promotions as well as over 2 million products from hundreds of providers.

  • What kind of products do you sell/provide?

    We do not sell or provide any products. We only facilitate links to the money-saving discount coupon codes, promotions, coupons and products.

  • I saw a product on your website earlier but cannot find it now.

    We regularly refresh our database to flush out any old, invalid or expired items and add new and up to date ones. The product/item you previously saw, may no longer be available from its provider. Therefore, it is no longer listed on The Voucher Network.

  • I get a 404 - not found message.

    This message means you are trying to access a page, link or product that is no longer available.

  • I left comments about a product earlier but cannot find that page.

    Our databases are regularly updated to refresh all information within. Comments left about discontinued products or out of date links are automatically removed as part of the database update process.

  • How can I request a product or more information about a product or item?

    If you require more information about a feature, effect or entity which is part of The Voucher Network, please contact us with your query. If your query relates to a product or item (such as a discount code or promotion), please contact the provider of the respective product or item directly.

  • A discount voucher code I previously saw is not available any more.

    At The Voucher Network, we only display current and valid discount voucher codes and promotions. All voucher codes and promotions automatically expire after the last date of their validity and are not shown on our website. The voucher code or promotion you previously saw may have expired.

  • A discount voucher code I obtained did not work.

    If the discount voucher code in question was valid at the time you used it then please let us know about it so we can query it with its provider.